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    ZIRIYAB SLIM (new model 2019)


    The new Ziriyab Slim, only 2.00mm thick, is the most utilized by anyone who prefers the dimensions of a more traditional pick, yet with an extra kick.

    Available materials:
    Carbon Fiber
Glass 30 
    Glass 50
    Poly+Propy mix

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    Slim version of the Ziriyab pick. The new design Ziriyab 2019 in the 2.0mm Slim version. Constructed from 10 different materials. Provided with a small opening for hanging on your wrist only to be used anytime you please. It further has a special knurling on the outer edges which allows you to master a technique which involves its use from the side with a coin-like sensation, and to achieve different effects on the strings.

    There are up to 10 different available materials: Kevlar, Methacrylate, Polyethylene, Acetal, Glass 30, Polypropylene, Nylon, Glass 50, Poly+Propy mix.

    Only packages of 10 pieces each are available for sale, assorted as well (€20.00)
    Single cost €2.00

    This version is only available in standard size and for right-handed users yet can be also used by left-handers.

    Before completing the order, please specify any preferences in the note section.


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