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    My love for guitar and the deep fondness for my fellow musicians (guitar and bass players), sparked in me a remarkable incentive that led me to firstly conceive, and then develop this new, innovative pick
    My idea began taking shape from the necessity of offering a valid alternative to the classic pick, such as an original tool able to bring improvements, hence a new attitude to approach the guitar and bass’ strings with. All while taking hold of a foreign device (the pick). I’m talking about a well-defined appliance, not only a “simple” piece of plastic which can be less or more flexible. Therefore, a tool which can help you overcome your personal limits.
    I was captivated by the idea of creating a pick that would allow new shades and feelings to emerge from the musicality of anybody that plays the guitar. My final goal (which has been accomplished), was to be able to create a pick with new features that would enhance a series of qualities like: better touch, higher comfort, extra grip, greater confidence and firmness, and lastly an increased personal pace of about 10/15% (and more, subjectively) in the alternate picking. Considering, even if apparently secondary, the visual aspect and the selected materials, the new “Hybrid” manufacturing process is an innovation applied to the invention. Practically the pick is assembled in three layers with materials having characteristics that are very different from each other. For one, the Wood-Plexiglass-Wood version leaves space to a soft feel, having nevertheless, a tail which is bright and strong, as well as full of harmonics. This encounter between different feelings happens because the first collision occurs between the string and the matter of the exterior coating (wood). As the string lets go it meets the core of the pick, which is made out of a material with entirely different attributes (plexiglass). 
Furthermore, given their structure, all pick types from the “Speedy” and “Ziriyab” series are also produced in a version for left-handed guitarists, with the peculiar edges beveled the opposite way. To conclude, I address the final user, and remind them of being aware to be standing in front of a new and innovative product, which presents the real possibility of overcoming our personal limits.
    Stefano ‘Steve’ Tommasi