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    Our regular EssetipicksĀ® Speedy with a building process of three layers.

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    Here is a perfect example of a pick really outdoing itself. Innovation among the innovation. The EssetipicksĀ® Speedy Hybrid is revolutionary. The very first double-action patented pick. Other than all the sharp traits of the regular Speedy design, there is the building process that takes place in three different layers. This special peculiarity allows a soft touch and a strong tail which is full of harmonics, other than a slow decay of each note. The result will be clear and sharp notes.
    Recommended for anyone who desires a keen touch from the beginning, along with its touches of strength, brightness, and harmonic richness.

    The item is packed singularly in a blister package.

    Must specify whether the version with a leather grip, or the vegan version is desired.


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