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    Mikahel Raiden

    Mikahel Raiden

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    GNG MKR10 “Shen”, GNG “Brea(th)”, Acustic/Electric Cello and Violin, Piano/Keyboards, Percussions, Alto Sax, Banjo, Chinese Flute, Balalaika, Mandolin, Charango…

    The “Shen Set”:

    POD HD500+ Boss RC-300

    Music. I intend no genre.
    Yet, for those of You who do:
    Classical, Jazz, Metal(any), Elektronic(any, Dubstep, Drum’n Bass, House), Funk, RnB, Soul, Nu Soul, Country, BeBop, Bluegrass, Fusion, Acid Jazz, Folk, Ethnical, World Music

    My Works on Youtube:

    Tao Inception (w/ Claudio Pietronik)

    DuDe Beat (Nu soul/RnB)

    descrivi te e la tua musica
    I let the music speak for Itself, for everyone will catch what resonates within him/herself.. I’ve been playing since i’m 5, began with drums..

    Essetipicks are the only picks I can use without worring about them getting crushed by my playing… I’m using the Easy model on my 10 strings (and the Mini version on 6 strings and other stringed instruments like the mandolin and so on), because i find it’s desing simply brilliant.. with its size and edge-cut, i can play very intesely and heavy even on the lower strings, where a normal pick would break, and anytime very softly and smoothly as the high A pretend; the sound is great, and it helps alot with my percussive style of finger picking.
    Since I’ve found Essetipicks, I worry no more about my picks condition as I used to, since I can destroy almost any normal pick in an hour of intensive playing, while I still have the first Easy I bought 3 years ago with me, jazzin’ an’ rockin’!