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    Jacob Garcia dagli USA


    Tempo fa ho spedito in America una selezione di plettri ad un certo Jacob Garcia. Questo ragazzo ha all’attivo una quindicina di videorecensioni a plettri su Youtube ed oggi mi ha passato il link della nuova recensione che ha fatto ai miei. Gli sono grato per i complimenti e le belle parole che ha trovato per illustrare i miei prodotti e devo riconoscere che ha fatto un quadro assolutamente coerente e corretto della gamma dei plattri Essetipicks.

    Grazie Jacob 🙂

    Questo il testo della sua recensione:

    A review of a handful of Esseti Picks. These are the definition of HANDMADE PICKS! Super high quality material and craftsmanship, comfortable construction, and amazing communication make Esseti Picks tough to beat in the guitar pick market. My favorites are the Kevlar and Speedy series, these (like all of Steve’s products) last for ages and survive rigorous wear. I’ve grown very fond of the jazz shape kevlars, which glide off the strings almost effortlessly. I wish I could have found Steve and Esseti Picks months ago; these are absolutely top notch!!!

    Alot of people ask me “why would you spend so much on a single pick? Go by a pack of .88 Dunlop Standards”. Well, in terms of money: People buy $4000 tube amps, $4000 guitars, and sometimes pay close to $700 to pay off a venue to play for the night. Lots of people are into high quality cables these days too; $40-$100 for something that gets stepped on and only makes a audible difference to dogs. Think about it, if you play shows regularly, you spend close to $50 a year on picks; between losing, wearing and breaking them. Lets think in terms of everyday items for a second; say, a lawnmower. You aren’t going to buy some $150 ride-mow from sears if you are mowing your lawn constantly. And what if you are a professional landscaper? Will you want to be constantly replacing and maintaining your machine? Absolutely not! You go and buy the badass John Deere Mow-Machine 10000 with six blades and a cupholder! You’re going to drop whatever kind of money it costs to get a reliable product that surpasses your expectations and makes your life alittle easier. That’s exactly what it is, an investment.

    As far as any kind of noticeable difference, EVERY PICK IS DIFFERENT. A sharp pointed pick has a completly different application than a mandolin pick. Thicker to thinner in the same general idea as well. You wouldnt use a .88 standard Dunlop to play 250 BPM Death metal, and you sure wouldn’t want to use a 11.8 mm V-Pick for bluegrass. Or maybe you do! That’s the beauty of it, options and choices set us apart from other players! Prefrences have always been suggestive among musicians alike, no matter the genre. And being able to have the option to buy a 1 Inch thick pick if I wanted to is just an awesome feeling, instead of being given one option to deal with. And Im not only a connoisseur of the product, but I admire each and every one of these companies for all the blood, sweat and tears they put into these picks. I cant help but smile when I open up a package from another state (or country) and realise how much bigger the world is than each of us; even a guitar pick.